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  • What do you mean by “ Light Pollution” ?

    A: Light pollution is an unwanted consequence of outdoor lighting and includes such effects as sky glow, light trespass, and glare.

    -Lighting Research Center Volume 7 issue 2 : March 2003 (revised February 2007)
  • Why does light pollution hurt human health ?
    A: Light Pollution not only happens outdoors but occur indoors as well when users have no idea how to properly select appropriate lighting sources and luminaires. Overly bright lights certainly harm mankind health according to many reports and documents.

    “ Overly brighjt lights at night disrupts normal human melatonin production which has been shown to cause cancer in many medical studies.“

    Published by Prof. Abraham Haim,University of Haifa Researcher, 2008
  • How can we prevent too much light indoor ?
    A: Too much light indoors will produce glare which hurts the eyes. Choosing the correct luminaire and color temperature is very important. Higher color temperatures will produce a tense uncomfortable atmosphere while lower color temperature under 3,000K produce a relaxing atmosphere and positive mood.
  • LED lighting expensive? How much does it cost?
    A: Good quality LED is admittedly more expensive that other light types. However, the initial cost can be quickly repaid in the form of energy savings and quality LED produces a far superior light quality to other energy efficient forms of lighting. Please contact us for pricing .
  • Can LED lighting be dimmed?
    A: Yes. However most commonly used dimmers require a relatively heavy electrical load of around 60W to work properly. This can be an issue if LEDs are used in small quantities. Also not all dimmers are compatible with LED lighting. Please contact us for dimmer requirements. Please contact us for pricing .
  • Can I use LED lighting as my main lighting?
    A: Yes. Until recently LED has been widely used for accent lighting applications but the technology has now developed to a stage where is can be used for most lighting applications. It is a viable replacement for halogen & incandescent and is even used street lighting & floodlighting.
  • Can I replace my existing halogen lamps?
    A: Yes. There are a number of different kinds of Halogen lamp however so please contact us if you are unsure which type you have. Please contact us for pricing .
  • Can I change my lighting myself?
    A: Always consult with a qualified electrician when working with electricity.